This is a map of the Mystic Realm. As you can see, there are lots of mountains and gullies inside the borders. The trees are thick and there is magick everywhere! There is so much to see here. I hope that you will take your time and enjoy all that the Realm has to offer.

You Are Here~

About The Mystic Realm 1

We are so glad you are here! We believe that your best adventures are waiting for you inside the gates, and we welcome you. There is plenty to see and read about, so take your time and feel free to stay as long as you would like. You will be glad you did.

The aim of the Mystic Realm is to provide our guests with an experience that they will not soon forget. We strive to make the stories of the Realm rich and intriguing. We want our characters to enthrall you and keep you coming back to see what they might be working on for you next. Telling the stories and providing pleasing visuals is just as important to us as creating jewelry pieces and Tarot readings that are unique and different. We want you to have a wonderful experience, from start to finish, within the pages of our site. 

The Mystic Realm has lots of Kingdoms and Worlds that exist within its borders. Many beings can be found here, such as woodland elves and faeries. Dragons and trolls have been known to grace the pages as well! We go all out to make the adventures of the Realm quite entertaining. It is a joy to bring it all to you, and we really hope that you savor the trip. 

Please Visit Our Shop~

Be sure to visit our shop and pick up something to take home with you. The Stone Tamer makes all of the jewelry, right here, inside the Realm and the pieces are all beautifully crafted. Many of us help with the gathering of the stones and the wire for the jewelry that is found in the shop. 

We take great pride in finding the best stones and bringing them to the Stone Tamer to wrap in her magickal designs. The Stone Tamer is so talented that she knows just how to put a little bit of the Realm right into each piece, and it makes for a lovely display. Anyone would be proud to own a piece of any one of the collections from the Mystic Realm.  I am sure you are going to love what she makes for you!

Did you know that the Stone Tamer can also make custom items, just for you? I have seen her take stones that people send to her and then make the most lovely pieces with them. If you have something in mind that you would like to talk to her about, I am sure she would enjoy discussing it with you. 

This is a photo of the Stone Tamer. Isn’t she lovely?

About The Mystic Realm 2

Don't Forget About the Tarot Readings!

There are lots of Tarot readings in the shop as well. These readings have proven to be very insightful for the clients that have taken part in them. Many have left raving reviews and have come back for more. What messages might the cards have for you? You can visit the shop and see all of the listings to choose from.

About The Mystic Realm 3

Tucked away in one of the many villages of the Realm lies our shop. It was masterfully designed and only the best quality handmade pieces make it into our displays. Our Tarot readings offer up sound advice from the Divine and are ready for you to take part in as well.

The stones and jewels are gathered by the beings of the Realm, and then brought to the Stone Tamer. She wraps them in their unique styles and then, once they are masterfully designed, she places them into the shop to be put on glorious display for our shoppers. We offer only the best for our customers.  

Come, take a look. 


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