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I am just a mountain girl that lives with one foot in the fantasy world and the other in reality. 

I love to create fine jewelry pieces centered around nature. I also feel that I am a conduit for the messages from the Divine and I am here to deliver those messages to you, my dear one, through Tarot.

A sprinkle of woodland faerie dust combined with a little experience makes for a vividly wonderful combination…

Janet K. Cozzens

The Jewelry~

You need to know

Our secret

Nature plays a big part in our designs here in the Mystic Realm~ whether it is the smells that emanate from the foliage and underbrush, or the sound of the brook as it  flows, babbling, over the pebbles and rocks. 

We revel in the beauty of the butterfly as it flits and dances from one place to another, and the colors of the night sky as it descends to blanket the earth in quiet splendor… These are all things that we take into account when designing the pieces in our collections.

 The magick and wonder of it all are harnessed into thoughtful energy and all of that energy and mindfulness are then put forth into creating beautiful pieces just for you, my Precious Gem.

From years of excellent


The Tarot~

How it all


I often wondered about Tarot~ the draw of the cards and what it all meant. I have been told, from time to time, that Tarot is the Devil’s work. 

I heeded these warnings, for a while, but curiosity often gets the better of us. I began researching this subject more and I came to realize that Tarot is not really the work of the Devil, but more the work of the Divine. 

I read more and more books on the subject, and talked to more and more people that knew a thing or two about it. I came to find that Tarot was not what a lot of people had told me it was, and I chose to make my own decision about reading Tarot for others. 

Tarot has helped me with many things, and I believe that my ability to read the cards has helped many of my clients with their things as well. This is a path that I chose with care and caution, and it is one that I have come to love.

Providing Tarot readings that


A Little More About Me~

My journey began in 2009, when I lost my job and had to find a new way to maneuver the world I was living in. I spent hours on the internet trying to find work. It was during this time that I came across a ring that would forever change my life. 

It was this ring that set my heart in motion to teach myself the unique art of wire wrapping and share my gifts with you, my Precious Gem. I found a love for the wire and the stones, and I have never looked back.

It has become my passion to create the most high-end, quality-based jewelry for my clients. I want to produce jewelry pieces that give you the incentive to dream and express that side of yourself that is not always so practical. I want to produce something that will help you to define your own unique style. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle and I want to use my gift of creation to help you find your own voice.

 Tarot has always been something that I wanted to learn more about. I had read a few books, here and there, but I really wanted to learn more. I turned to the internet, once more, to do some research. It was there that I came across Biddy Tarot, and once again, I felt a shift in the Universe.

I have taken classes with Brigit Esselmont, the founder of Biddy Tarot, and realized that I have space in my life for the cards. I wanted to offer readings in the shop so that you, too, may benefit from the gift of Tarot. I am now on a journey that is quite fulfilling and joyful.

Since I was a child, I have had a very strong connection with nature. I have found that this connection is also paramount to my creative self. It helps me to create beautiful jewelry designs, full of magick and intrigue, and it helps me to form the characters in my stories and bring them to life. I believe that this connection also inspired me to become the Tarot reader that I am today.

Spending time at our mountain cabin gives me the inspiration I need to write and create jewelry that sparks the imagination. There is a beautiful meadow that I visit often, as it is truly a magickal place.

My connection with nature and working with natural stones and crystals has influenced me to take my interests even further. I became a Certified Crystal Healer in 2018. Currently,  I am working in the Biddy Tarot community to obtain my certification in the field of Tarot as well. 

Thank you for your interest in the Mystic Realm. I look forward to seeing you inside the gates.

Kind wishes,

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