How you helped Mystic Stone Jewels become a reality…

I am thrilled that everyone that wears jewelry from Mystic Stone Jewels knows they have acquired a unique, heirloom quality piece wothry of the most deserving person.

~ Janet K. Cozzens
Owner – Mystic Stone Jewels

Before I created Mystic Stone Jewels, I found it very difficult to find jewelry pieces that could express my individual tastes. I want to have jewelry that sets me apart from everyone else.

On one occasion, my husband and I attended a fund-raising event. Great effort was put forth in creating an outfit, by hand. This outfit was then paired with jewelry that, I thought, would complement my unique style approach. When I walked in to the event in my edgy handmade attire, I was greeted by many other women that looked like me. They were wearing ordinary jewelry that ultimately resembled my own choices that I had made for that evening. I was not feeling unique at that moment.

It was this event that set my heart in motion...

I felt it was time to create the most high-end, quality-based jewelry. The need to set the stage for a person to feel special was not being met. That person needed to have an identity all their own. It was my job to bring forth a feeling of mystery and fantasy. The wearer needed to have the feeling that they are unique and special. They needed to feel that they deserve to have jewelry pieces that inspire them to dream and express the side of themselves that is not always so practical. I wanted to produce something that would help them to express who they are. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle. It would be nice to create something that could set people apart from ordinary.

As it turns out...

The road was much more difficult than I had anticipated. When I first began, I was concerned that the price point of the Mystic Stone Jewels line may turn some people away.  The cost of the materials to make such pieces was much higher than other components of lessor quality. Women and men alike questioned the quality of the jewelry I created. Even though I was very meticulous in choosing the stones and components for my creations, people were still skeptical. I feared that no one would buy my jewelry. I was afraid that they would turn to the less expensive options they had.

Finding suppliers that created quality components was not an easy task, either.

Acquiring stones that were unique and possessed a certain ‘character’ proved to be a challenge. I was also not sure if my rustic style approach would be readily accepted. The desire to create pieces that were totally different than mainstream jewelry had me a bit worried as well.

I pushed on and kept creating, despite the cards being stacked against me.

I began donating pieces to different charity events and fund raisers. Breast Cancer Awareness, and local benefits for children’s charity organizations became a big focus for me. This finally put my jewelry into the hands of more and more people that appreciated the unique craftsmanship and quality of the pieces.

After selling a few of my pieces, I realized that I was doing the right thing. Having people tell me how much they were still in love with their piece many years after their purchase solidified this. Creating jewelry that would last a lifetime and beyond was my calling. My unique, rustic style approach proved to be something that could not be found anywhere else and people loved it!

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been overwhelming!

The pieces that I create come from a place within myself that sees people for more than face value. I have a vision to create pieces that will truly set one apart and give them permission to be different. I have a deep-rooted passion for the person that will one day own a piece of the Mystic Stone Jewels line and this, in and of itself, creates a yearning for my pieces. The jewelry is highly coveted at the fund-raising events that I have never stopped doing. My grandmother and my mother both lost their lives due to breast cancer. Mom paid the ultimate price on August 26, 2017 due to complications of this terrible disease. 

Donating to help find a cure remains a huge priority for me.

I also attend local art shows and markets during the Holiday season and special times of the year where women and men alike look for me. This is extremely rewarding, and I am so grateful

The best part?

People come to me, years after purchasing a piece, just to tell me how much they are still in love with it, and how it is still their very favorite piece of jewelry.