Agate: Agates are formed by microscopic quartz crystals that are laid down in bands. When looking at agates, you can usually see this banding.

Agates are grounding stones. They bring balance to the emotions, as well as bringing about a physical and intellectual balance. These stones aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy.

Agates have the power to harmonize the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. Agates are very calming and soothing. They work slowly but they have great strength.

Agates will help promote the acceptance of one’s self. They can aid in building self confidence.

Agates can aid in perception and shed light on any dis-ease that may be hindering your well-being. These stones are known to enhance mental function, therefore, improving concentration and perception. Agates can enhance one’s analytical thinking and can lead one to find practical solutions to problems.

Agates can help one to overcome negativity and bitterness. They can aid in dispelling inner anger and foster love. This stone can aid in emotional trauma, encouraging one to, once again, feel safe and secure.

Agates raise consciousness and can help one to contemplate life experiences and assimilate them. This can lead to spiritual growth and inner stability.

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