The Mystic Realm ~ Home of the Dragons and Their Royal Families

High in the misty mountains of the Mystic Realm, the dragons dwell in their musty caves filled with green moss and the whisper of water as it seeps through the cracks of the granite walls. The dragons have lingered here for centuries, guarding their cache of jewels and trinkets collected over the cycles of time.

The Mystic Realm is filled with Kingdoms and Worlds that only exist in the far reaches of the mind. Each has its own magick and wonder, and its own stories to tell. The Arkenstone Collection reveals the stories of five of these Kingdoms; Glingenfeld, Alister, Canterberry, Breitway, and Thresden. Each of these Kingdoms has their family of Royals, but more importantly, they each have their own fire breathing Dragon.

Dragons of the Realm 1

The Dragons of the Realm

Dragons of the Realm 2
Torin, of Glingenfeld Kingdom
Dragons of the Realm 3
Odorth, of Alister Kingdom
Dragons of the Realm 4
Carnuk, of Canterberry Kingdom
Dragons of the Realm 5
Frendure, of Breitway Kingdom
Dragons of the Realm 6
Sarlane, of Thresden Kingdom

Glingenfeld Kingdom ~ Home of Torin

Dragons of the Realm 7

Glingenfeld Kingdom is home to the Royal Family, Glingenfeld, but also home to the fire breather known as Torin. Torin has been collecting his trinkets and hiding them in his cavern for many centuries. His favorite metal is copper, so he hoards away anything that he can find made from this substance that he adores. His cave has many pieces made of this mineral, turned tawny after years of being exposed to the elements. Torin lingers in his cave watching over his trove most of the time.

Torin has wreaked havoc on the Kingdom for quite some time, collecting jewels from the Royals. His last bout brought much destruction to the Kingdom and its inhabitants. 

Torin likes to hide his trinkets away in the nooks and crannies of his cavern where he can gaze upon them and see the dark shadows and the rich antique tones of the copper. The colors combine with the lush green of the moss on the walls and gives a pleasing affect throughout his cave. The soft color of the stones he has collected add to the beauty of this crude vault, locked away in the high mountains of the Mystic Realm. 

Alister Kingdom ~ Home of Odorth

Dragons of the Realm 8

Alister Kingdom has its Royal Family of Alisters and its own Dragon known as Odorth. Odorth is a beautiful dragon with scales of red and wings so far reaching that they cause darkness to fall upon the earth in great swaths when he is flying. Odorth has a fancy for Sterling Silver and never misses an opportunity to gather more of this precious metal for his collection. His bounty is large and grows ever larger as the years pass in mystical wonder.

Odorth has pilfered many pieces containing Sterling Silver from the Royal family. Odorth’s cave is full of the silver pieces, so full in fact, that if you were to gaze up high into the jagged mountains of Alister Kingdom, you would be able to see the glint from the shiny substance from many miles away. 

Canterberry Kingdom ~ Home of Carnuk

Dragons of the Realm 9

Canterberry Kingdom is not only home to the Royal Family of Canterberries, but also home to Carnuk, the smallest of the five dragons. His green scales and his small head give the misconception that he is less of a threat than his larger, more fearsome counterparts. On the contrary, Carnuk can breathe fire for a considerable distance lending to the swaths of burned forests known throughout the Kingdom.

 Carnuk appreciates the richness of fine gold, so he chooses pieces made from this shiny substance and hides them away in the deepest depths of his cavernous home. Carnuk is stealthy and swift. He can dart into the Kingdom and pilfer the castle before the Canterberries even know he is there. 

Carnuk has acquired many pieces from the Royal Family, in fact, their gems and jewels have been stolen so many times that the Royals have succumbed to wearing many pieces so as to avoid having them stolen right out from under them. The Royals are seen wearing many layers of jewels as they roam the Kingdom. The weight from their attire must be staggering. 

Breitway Kingdom ~ Home of Frendure

Dragons of the Realm 10

The Royal Family of Breitway call Breitway Kingdom home, but so does a much larger member of the Realm. Frendure is a gigantic beast with large teeth and an ability to breath fire for great distances. Frendure loves brass, and trinkets made from this metal fill his cave to almost overflowing in some parts. He continues to collect more pieces, even though he has many now. 

Frendure continues to seek pieces made from brass from the Breitways. This has become one of his favorite pass times. Brass jewels and trinkets are Frendure’s favorite finds. He swoops over the kingdom seeking out the Royal Family to see where they are, and if his chances are good to plunder the High Castle. 

Frendure stows his treasures deep in the caverns of his dwelling. He admires his reserves and takes every advantage to further his bounty.

Thresden Kingdom ~ Home of Sarlane

The Dragon, Sarlane, shares Thresden Kingdom with the Royal Family Thresden. Sarlane is the matriarch of her Dragon family and they have the utmost respect for this giant beast. Sarlane loves the pink hue found in Rose Gold and her dwelling is adorned with many pieces of it. Sarlane has collected many pieces from the Queen Thresden and continues to beguile the Queen with her litheness and agility at getting away. 

Sarlane is a cunning dragon with a thirst for games. She will continue to wreak havoc on the Thresden Queen and take pleasure in it every time. Staunch and noble, Sarlane is not shy about showing her herd how to raid Thresden Castle. She is very particular about the gems she steals, relishing the hue of Rose Gold the most. Her cave is filled with this beautiful metal. The floor glistens and shines with the remnants of her finds. 

Sarlane takes much pride in being able to hide from the King’s Men that have tried relentlessly to capture her. Her cave is high up in the rugged mountains of Thresden Kingdom and it will take someone very lithe and very tenacious to find it. There have been none so far that are willing to take on the terrain to find the Dragon in these craggy hills, so as long as she can, Sarlane will continue to evade a capture.

Dragons of the Realm 11

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