Enchanted Crystals of The Realm

Deep in the heart of the Mystic Realm, clear Quartz enchanted crystals gleam along the trails and pathways. They twinkle under the magick of a moonlit night and reflect the intense rays of the golden sun. 

Woodland elves and faeries have walked these trails and pathways many times. These paths lead them to their homes. These paths lead them to the villages and other homes of their friends and family. The elves and faeries have seen these amazing crystals many times on their journeys.

The woodland elves and faeries could not wait to gather some of these lovely crystals for the Enchanted Crystal Collection. They have taken great care in the process they used, ensuring that many of the stones have barnacles and bridges. This has enhanced the visual pleasure of the stones, just for you, my Precious Gem. 

The crystals have been brought to the Stone Tamer to wrap and entwine in her wire harnesses. She has chosen a way to weave the wire so it only enhances the true beauty of the crystals themselves. Great care was used in the wrapping techniques so that each stone was captured securely within the weaves of the wire.

Much attention was given in the creation of the pieces for the Enchanted Crystal Collection. A lot of love was conveyed during the process of wrapping these captivating stones and it has been intertwined within the weaves. 

Creating for you brings the Stone Tamer much joy and peace, so I am quite certain that these feelings will come to you when you receive one of these delectable little morsels for yourself. 

I hope that you like what the Stone Tamer has created for you. The woodland elves and faeries did an amazing job of picking out the crystals for these pieces. They are all very beautiful.

Enchanted Crystals of the Realm 1

Woodland elves and faeries love the Mystic Realm. Gathering stones for the Stone Tamer brings them much joy. Being able to reside in the Realm and help with the jewelry designs is something they are very honored to do. They are all very happy you are here.

These magickal beings hope that you find a crystal that you love. They were very happy to gather them and take them to the Stone Tamer because they knew that she would do an amazing job in enhancing the beauty of these alluring stones.

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. This crystal is found worldwide and is an excellent stone for absorbing, storing, releasing, regulating and unblocking energy. Quartz harmonizes all of the chakras and aligns energy. 

Raw Quartz enhances muscle testing and protects against radiation. It takes energy to the most perfect state possible and raises it to the highest possible level. Clear Quartz contains every color in the color spectrum, so it works on all levels of being. 

Quartz crystals are a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. They store information like a natural computer. Quartz enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. If you use Quartz during meditation, it will filter out distractions. 

Quartz unlocks memories and aids in concentration. It is the most efficient receptor for programming. Quartz can help one to feel vitalized, as it promotes good energy balance.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy times 10. That makes it a perfect crystal to use with other stones in healing and other means of crystal work.

Enchanted Crystals of the Realm 2
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