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The Stone Tamer sits, meddling with a piece of wire. She rolls the piece between her thumb and fore finger, relishing the way it feels as it glides smoothly across the surface of her digits. She rests, thinking of her next creation as she stares out from the window in the door that covers the mouth of her delightful cave. Mist and rain drizzle down from the skies above and a heavy fog has settled in, covering the peaks and ridges that are usually visible from the mouth of this strange dwelling that she has come to love so much. This cave is home to the Stone Tamer, and she can think of no place that suits her better. She is in constant contact with the animals and nature and she has come to love it here, immensely.

Warmth protrudes from the hearth as the wood crackles and snaps, smoldering down to hot coals. The firelight is mesmerizing as it dances and splays forth. A soft yellow glow permeates the bleakness and shadows cascade and flicker along the rocky walls of her den. She is so content here and her heart is filled with the peace that only this place can provide. A calmness washes over her and she can’t help but feel boundlessly satisfied.

The Stone Tamer sits for a time staring out into the haze. She wonders what sorts of gems and crystals the beings from the Realm may be gathering for her to tame this time. Would they be as profound as the last finds? Would they be symmetrical, or would they be free form, lending their own ideas about what they should look like? One thing that she knew for certain was that they would all be a delight to work with and tame with the use of her hands and the beautiful wire that she has been saving for them.

The Stone Tamer glances to the ceiling of her shelter. She revels at the crystals that shoot down from the craggy, jagged surface. The soft light dances across them making them glisten and sparkle. She adores stones, and these she has never taken from the roof, as they are simply captivating right where they are.

The Stone Tamer rises to pour herself another cup of hot tea. She is patiently awaiting the arrival of the other beings from the Realm and the wonderful stones that they will have for her. The beings will bring their great finds to her and she will welcome the beings into her cave and enjoy their company for a time. They will all sit and drink tea and speak of the ideas that the Stone Tamer has in her thoughts for the lovely stones they have gathered for her. After the beings leave her, the Stone Tamer will then sit down at her bench and begin creating fabulous pieces to share with you. She will bring the pieces she creates down to the shop and display them so that they can find new homes, and this will please the Stone Tamer, very much, as sharing her gifts with others brings her the most joy.

There are several pieces in the shop, right now, waiting for a new home. The Stone Tamer would be delighted for you to have a look.

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