Celtic Wire Wrapped Ring – Copper


Delight in the simplicity of this wire stack ring.

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An oxidized copper ring that you will find truly

***Escape To The Realm***

Escape to a mountain top blanketed in fog as the dewy rain swaths through the clouds and pelts the mossy realm of the underbrush. As you sit by the fire, toasty and warm, watching the firelight dance across the wooden beams of the high ceilings, the ting of the copper from your copper stacker ring catches the eye of the passers by. Step into a magical realm each time you don your simple wire stacking ring from the Dare to Dream Collection~ 

Universal and timeless, the design of the simple wire wrapped ring is ideal to add to your already cherished Mystic Stone Jewels collection. Created with love and positive energy, this simple and quite unique woodland wire ring is a captivating, wardrobe-friendly piece. Sip your hot raspberry chocolate mocha while your handmade wire wrapped ring is wrapped snugly around your index finger. This piece makes the perfect gift for her with a dreamy heart and a longing for a place that only exists in books and fairy tales. Your loved one will cherish this handmade copper stack ring for many years to come.

***About the Handmade Wire Stack Ring***

Fascinate your friends and family. Give as a an enchanting gift that your recipient will never find anywhere else, or turn this trendsetting oxidized copper stacker ring into your new favorite go-to accessory! The simple design of the copper wire wrapped ring is truly created with your desire to be different at the forefront of the design. 

Spark a moment that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime when you present them with this beautiful and unique Celtic wire wrapped ring as a gift. Your impeccable taste will not go unnoticed when she pulls this simple but elegant handmade wire ring from the very special Woodland keepsake box that is included with your order. You will feel truly honored knowing that she will be adding something totally original to her cherished pieces in her jewelry chest. Break away from the crowd wearing mass produced trends with this alluring and distinctive piece of wearable art.

Wrapped in copper wire, this unique copper stacker ring pairs nicely with the other rings in the Dare to Dream Collection. 

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