All of the Extras!

One thing that I do here in the Mystic Realm is create stories and videos that go along with our jewelry pieces in our collections. These stories and videos are still available, even after the collections are retired. 

Below are all of the little extras that have been created to go along with the pieces in our collections. All of the extra little goodies have been gathered for you here, all in one place, all at your fingertips. The flick of a wrist and the click of a button is all it will take for you to unlock the magick.


Live Collection

The Enchanted Crystal Collection

The Enchanted Crystal Collection was inspired by beautiful crystals. Check out the story behind them.
Retired Collection

The Arkenstone Collection

The Akenstone Collection ~ built around dragons and queens. There are even maps to look at!
Retired Collection

The Hearts Of The Realm Collection

The Hearts of the Realm were designed with 12 characters in mind. You will love them all.

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