Are you interested in receiving a customized Tarot reading?

Have you looked through all the Tarot listings and not found one that fits your unique situation? I would be glad to design a specialized spread for you and give you a customized reading.

Would you like to have more information regarding Tarot and what kinds of questions can be asked of the cards? I would be happy to help.

Please complete the form below and be sure to include your full name, your date of birth and the dates of birth for any individuals you may be including in your inquiry.

I will be in touch with you shortly. I usually respond to your questions within 24 hour. 

Please include your name – at birth, your date of birth, and the dates of birth for any individuals that you may be including in your inquiry. I will be getting in touch with you soon. I usually respond within 24 hours. 

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What to Expect

Each of my Tarot readings is done specifically for you. My readings are done individually, with your specific question being asked of the cards. The messages revealed are for you, and you only. You are unique and your reading is guaranteed to be unique as well.

I read the cards intuitively. That means that though you may have read a specific meaning for the cards in a book or other resource, the reading that I give may vary a bit from this. Books provide very general meanings of the cards and I believe that reading the cards intuitively gives a more detailed answer, specifically for you,  from the Divine.

I believe that I am merely a conduit for the Divine to work through. The messages delivered are not from me, but from YOUR OWN higher self. These messages are what the Divine wishes for you to know at this specific time. 

Please view my code of ethics for further information.

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