Tarot Reading for Aries 1

Happy Birthday, Aires!

I have done a special Birthday reading, just for you, my Aries friends. I have included a photo of the spread that I used for this reading, as I find it important to do this so that you may see the layout and where the cards lie in the spread. I have also included a  photo of the cards that were drawn in this reading as well. I hope that you find value in the information that has been given here.

*Please note* When reading for several people at once, sometimes the messages being delivered do not resonate with everyone. There is a lot of energy in the world and there are a lot of Aries in the world as well. If you find the messages being delivered through the cards in this reading do not resonate with you, please know that this is completely normal and perhaps these messages are not what you may need to hear at this time, but they may well be something that someone else needs to hear. Please discern from the message the parts that resonate with you and leave the rest. That is my best advice.

Tarot Reading for Aries 2
Tarot Reading for Aries 3

The Reading~

The overall question that I asked of the cards was: What message from the Universe do you have for Aries? I chose the ‘Qualities of Aries Spread’ to allow the delivery of these messages to come through for you. 

Card 1 Question: What needs to be expressed in this moment?
Card Drawn: 8 of Pentacles, Reversed
Interpretation: This is a time where you may find yourself concentrating on self-improvement and personal development. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you do not get caught up in all the faults you are finding or the thoughts of all of the things that you could or should be doing better, and allow them to hinder forward momentum.

This may be a time when you put your focus into seeing the bigger picture, rather than getting bogged down with the tiny details. Concentrating on every detail can take your focus away from the bigger picture and what may be happening outside of these little things that may be holding all of your attention right now. 

It is important not to become stagnant right now. Be sure that what you are doing and what you are putting your energy into is ultimately propelling you forward. Trying to get everything perfect or having things exactly how you perceive they should be in your own mind may be holding you back from what it is that you could accomplish if you just set aside the desire to get it all right and allow these things to come to fruition. There may be time to tweak and improve upon things as more time becomes available to you. Be sure that you are not delaying things just because you want them to be perfect. This may be a time for you to be mindful of this so that you can get things done.

Card 2 Question: In what ways do you lead others?
Card Drawn: Hanged Man
Interpretation: Perhaps, you have an ability to take the time to process things and work through problems before you react to them. You may hold back from presenting an opinion or a thought right away because you may feel the need to be proactive rather than reactive. The Hanged Man indicates that you tend to bide your time and process things. This could be a very good quality to have when dealing with other people or situations that may be stressful. 

Many personalities bring many facets to happenings and situations. Your ability to stop and process things may be something that others are drawn to, so you may find people that try to seek you out in times of chaos or high stress situations. They may find themselves coming to you to find solace in the calm energy that you extrude. They may look to you to have the level headed answers that they may be seeking.

Card 3 Question: In what ways are you head-strong? 
Card Drawn: Ace of Wands, Reversed
Interpretation: You may fight with yourself when it comes to presenting ideas. Rather than throw your ideas out there, you may hold back because you may feel unsure how these ideas will be received or how people may feel about them. It may also be that you may have what you feel to be good ideas, but you are unsure how to manifest the outcome. You may find that you question yourself a lot and this is something that you do excessively. You may also lack the desire to do anything about it.

You may also find that you are a procrastinator to a fault. Procrastination may keep you in a safe place. If you procrastinate long enough, maybe the problem or situation will just go away or be diminished, somehow. Procrastination may be something that are are very comfortable with, as it keeps you from having to make hard decisions.

You may find that you feel unmotivated or uninspired at times. You may find that you question yourself a lot. You may also find that it is difficult to define your purpose or how you might be able to help in certain situations and rather than try, you remain in the shadows.

Card 4 Question: What do you demand of yourself?
Card Drawn: Three of Swords, Reversed
Interpretation: You may find that you use a lot of negative self-talk when confronted with situations or when thinking about yourself. Be careful that you don’t do this too often. You may find that forgiveness for your short comings is a better avenue to take rather than beating yourself up inside. 

Being too hard on yourself can be unhealthy and lead you to disappointment or despair. Make sure that you are not holding expectations that are too high and that may be outside the realm of possibility. When setting goals for yourself, be sure to stay grounded and make sure that they are attainable. There are always some limits to what we may be able to achieve or accomplish. 

Card 5 Question: Where does ambition lead you?
Card Drawn: King of Swords, Reversed
Interpretation: You may find that you depend on your inner truth and your inner strength a lot. Your power may very well come from within and you may find that you depend on this quite a bit at times, especially in times of strife or difficulty.

You may also find that you are the strength that others need at certain times. You must be careful not to misuse this strength in ways that could be hurtful to others around you. Being a smarty-pants or always being right may be things that you should keep to yourself and not gloat about. Others may be dependent upon your strength, and they may shy away from you if you use their vulnerability as humiliation or a weapon against them. Be cognizant of the strength and power that you possess, as others find this within you as well.

Card 6 Question: When are you most effective?
Card Drawn: Knight of Pentacles, Reversed
Interpretation: You may find that you feel most effective when you are self-disciplined and there is a routine in place. When self-discipline is lacking, you may feel like you are stuck in place and that you cannot make coherent decisions. If there is a lack of routine, you may feel as if things are chaotic and out of control. 

Self-development and self-improvement may be things that you aspire to achieve. These are things that you may feel are important and that you strive to always improve upon. You may also feel that by improving yourself can help improve the relationships with others in your life.

Card 7 Question: How are you courageous?
Card Drawn: Six of Cups
Interpretation: You may have had things in your past that you reflect on and that you have learned from. If your past was difficult, you may have become a better, stronger person because of it. You may also have a way in which you present things that happened in the past as fond memories for others to delight in.

You may credit your past for having a great part in creating the person that you are today. Having courage and determination in your past may have instilled courage and determination in the person you are today.

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