The Hearts of the Realm

When I created the Hearts of the Realm, I knew that I wanted to bring them to life and give them substance. I was inspired to write stories about gnomes and elves, and other mythical creatures that possessed the same properties as the stones themselves. Here, I present to you twelve of the characters and they are the perfect addition to the Hearts of the Realm collection. I am sure you will agree. Each of their stories can be found below, along with the graphic that was designed specifically for the character and the heart that they represent. 

Writing has always brought me much peace and happiness. It is an honor to write little stories and share them with all of you, my Precious Gems. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. 

The Heart of Amorette

Hearts of the Realm 1
The Faerie, Amorette, watches as her children play in the garden before her. She glances at her son, Oliver, as he tips forward on his tippy toes, with his eyes closed, and takes in the sweet smell of the tiny pink tea rose before him. He bounces back with a glorious smile on his face and his eyes wide as he giggles and laughs at the wonder of the sweet smell and the beautiful hue of the little pink flower.

Oliver takes flight and flies directly to his mother. He lands lithely before her, wraps his tiny arms around her, and peers up into her loving eyes. She tips his little holly hock hat back on his head and bends and kisses him, ever so gently, on his rosy pink cheek.

Oliver darts off once more to explore the wonders of the oasis spread out before him. Amorette’s husband moves in to stand next to her. She places her hand in his as her love spills forth to encompass them. 

The two watch as their children discover the wonders of this garden that they have come to love, so dearly. Their family means more to them than anything else in the world. Love abounds in the garden today.

Amorette would like to share her heart with you. She would like for you to experience love the way she has, and she knows that this heart could help you to do just that.

The Heart of Amorette is made from Rose Quartz, the stone of the heart. A display of antiqued copper wire is splayed across the front in a delicate design. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. The Heart of Amorette is an amulet to celebrate this stone and its properties.

The Heart of Quadamah

Hearts of the Realm 2

Quadamah digs deep within himself. He knows he must face his fears and move forward through the fog and the darkness of the night. He must travel through the forest and beyond if he is going to prove himself the Warrior Faun that he so desperately wants to become. 

He pushes past the others that have gathered to see if Quadamah will complete his challenge. These Fauns that he calls friends have either had their own journeys, their own tests, or they soon would. He comes to stand at the edge of the darkness that lies ominously before him. He turns to the others and bids them farewell, reminding them that they will be honored to be in his presence once this is all over. 

The Fauns turn to leave Quadamah to his task at hand, clapping him on the back as they go. As his friends disappear into the darkness, Quadamah puts one foot forward and then the other. This is his challenge and he must accept it.

 Quadamah pushes forward into the dark thicket before him. He is at the edge of the trees now. He can hear the howling winds and the eerie sounds calling to him. He musters his courage and moves into the fog.
He can feel the mist upon his face and arms. He pushes on, despite the knot in his gut. As he moves through the forest, blanketed in darkness, a calmness washes over him and he begins to feel more at ease. He is coming to realize that there is really nothing to fear here. The wind is howling, yes, but it is just a noise. The fog is eerie, but it is not to be feared. The animals are here with him, but they will not harm him. He pushes on and on. 

As darkness gives way to daylight, Quadamah makes his way through the last of the forest. He comes to the bridge which marks the end of his journey. Once he crosses it, he is no longer a kid, but a ram.

Quadamah pauses as he falters, once more, at the revelation. No more messing around. No more getting away with things because of his youth. He accepts this as he takes in a large breath of air that fills his lungs. As he breaths out, he springs onto the bridge and moves slowly to the other side. His friends are all there to greet him, to congratulate him for being so courageous. 

Quadamah would like to share his heart with you. When you need courage, all you need do is hold his heart in the palm of your hand.

The Heart of Quadamah is made from Bloodstone, the stone of courage. Copper swirls across the front of the stone giving it a unique look. Bloodstone is an excellent crystal to help you to feel a stronger sense of determination, as it aids you in regaining your personal power. These stones have strong metaphysical properties, and their vibration can aid you to find, within yourself, a deep sense of spiritual tenacity. Bloodstone will build courage and strength of mind, to do what needs to be done within you individual reality.

The Heart of Ethaneal

Hearts of the Realm 3

Ethanael steps up to the starting line. Poofs of dust rise as his hooves settle to the ground. He is a muscular Centaur and his sinewy muscles sway and shift under his skin as he moves in to take his place. He lines up with the others, ready to run like the wind. Ethanael has been working hard for this moment, and he can’t wait for the race to begin.

Training has taken up most of Ethanael’s summer. He has had no time to spend with his friends or do any of the things that others would call ‘fun’. This has not bothered him much, as he has been looking forward to this race since he was a colt. His father raced in this race, and his grandfather raced before that. Come to think of it, he could not think of a time when one of his elders did not run the Race of the Centaurs and it brought much pride to his heart to know that he too, would run the race of his ancestors.

The horn blows and they are off! Ethanael maneuvers his way to the front of the pack, keeping a steady pace so as not to tire too quickly. He keeps his pace as the band moves through the meadows and thickets. He makes it look so easy. 

As the finish line nears, Ethanael digs deep for the stores of strength he has been reserving. He pulls ahead of the herd and wins the race by a full length! 

Ethanael would like to share his heart with you so that, you too, can experience the sweet victory he refers to as endurance.

The Heart of Ethanael is made from Red Jasper, the stone of endurance. Copper wire is wrapped across the front of the stone in celebration of the stone itself. Historically, Red Jasper was known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors and a promoter of justice, protection, and life. It staunched the blood of wounds, stirred the pulse, and increased fertility. According to Viking and Germanic legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, was inlaid with Red Jasper to bring him courage.

The Heart of Vivek

Hearts of the Realm 4

Vivek stood before the classroom, his tiny body looming. The children were laughing and carrying on, but now, it was time to settle down and get to work. It was time for these young Gnomes to learn many things from his teachings.

Vivek moved to the chalkboard and readied his chalk. “Now,” he said, with his back to the class as he prepared to write the answer on the board before him, “Who knows the answer to the question; Do humans really exist?” he asked. He turned to face the class, waiting for the hands to rise up. All of a sudden there was a clatter of chairs and scooching of desk legs across the floor. Vivek put his chalk down as he looked to the class and saw the students rising from their desks and running to the windows.  

Vivek stepped around his desk and moved to stand in front of the window. He peered out above the children’s heads. Below, he could see that a Unicorn had been roped and two Gnomes were dragging it into the town’s square.

Vivek turned and ran to the door and tore it open in a hurry. He ran to the square and began pleading with the two Gnomes to turn the animal loose! The two that had captured the beautiful beast turned to Vivek as one expressed to him that Unicorns were dangerous. “Stay out of the way, old man!” one of them yelled at Vivek as he pushed him away with his forearm, careful not to let go of the rope that was tied to the Unicorn.

Vivek stood up from where he had been pushed to the ground and began pleading with the two Gnomes, “No! You don’t understand!” he cried. “Unicorns are not dangerous! They are gentle and will only bestow upon you good fortune! You must turn this animal loose at once!” he demanded.

Suddenly, the Unicorn came to stand before Vivek. “He is right you know,” the Unicorn declared. The two Gnomes holding the ropes that bound the Unicorn swiftly let go, dumbfounded. They had no idea that Unicorns could talk.

Vivek moved to stand in front of the Unicorn. He watched as the Unicorn bowed before him. “Vivek,” the Unicorn greeted him. “It is so nice to see you again.” Vivek bowed to the Unicorn in return, “You as well,” he said as he removed the ropes from the lovely animal.

The Unicorn turned to make its way back into the forest from where it was so rudely captured. Upon doing so, the town square suddenly sprouted a fountain in its center. Fragrant flowers began growing under foot. Rich foliage and bushes began to grow around the square. It had not looked this lavish in many years.

Vivek watched as the two Gnomes moved in to stare at him. “How did you know?” one of the Gnomes asked. Vivek stared into his clear blue eyes and answered, “That very Unicorn risked his own life to save the life of my child,” he replied.

Vivek would like to share his heart with you so that, you too, can have the wisdom to understand things that are unknown.

The Heart of Vivek is made from Jade, the stone of Wisdom. Copper wire is wrapped across the front of the stone in a style that is sure to please. Jade is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve. It is cherished as a protective talisman, assuring long life and a peaceful death. Jade is considered a powerful healing stone. An amulet of good luck and friendship, Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are.

The Heart of Gwilym

Hearts of the Realm 5

Gwilym rises to sit on the edge of his bed. He can see the hue of the pink dawn as it is just beginning to crest over the mountain tops that surround the village. He moves to the chair across the room and begins to dress in his leathers. Once he finishes, he moves lithely down the stairs and out the door. 

Thedarius is there waiting for him. He never strays too far from his master. Gwilym takes the mane of his Pegasus and gracefully pulls himself astride its muscular, refined back. Urging Thedarius with a gentle nudge of his knee, the animal takes flight. Gracefully, the Pegasus soars to the sky with Gwilym, to stand watch over the village below.

Gwilym is a protector. He is pulled by the force to protect his people and to protect the village that he cherishes. it gives him a sense of honor to protect this land and its people, for it gives him much joy and satisfaction.

The villagers would tell you that there is no better protector than this man that rides the Pegasus. He has made it his life’s mission to guard and protect. He values this work and is very prideful of his success as the protector of his village. 

The people sleep soundly and rise happily to greet the day. They know that Gwilym is there to serve them as their protector. The village is a peaceful place because Gwilym makes it so. 

Gwilym would like to share his heart with you so that you may fall into his protective circle as well.

The Heart of Gwilym is made from Fluorite, the stone of the protector. Sterling Silver cascades over its surface, making it very appealing to the eye. It is believed that a Fluorite crystal raises your focus and concentration level to bring clarity. One of the most powerful fluorite healing properties is its ability to increase your level of focus. The Heart of Gwilym was created to celebrate this stone and its properties as a protective stone.

The Heart of Lowenna

Hearts of the Realm 6

Lowenna, a Mermaid, swims in the depths of the ocean and sings the most beautiful songs. She is known in the Land of Mer for her tranquil voice. 

The rhythmic cadence of Lowenna’s voice has called many a sailor to her and today was no exception. She watches as her next  admirer stops what he is doing to hear her sweet tune. She knows he can feel its gentle power, and she uses her voice to urge him to lay his burdens aside. She wishes it could be so easy to create tranquility such as this for all humankind.

Lowenna is known to inspire a spirit of peace, to influence one to breathe deeply and consciously, and to attune to Nature. She can inspire one to be physically and spiritually present in one’s surroundings; to just let go of the worries that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Lowenna draws her strength from the water. The myths and legends of sailors drowning may not be just myths and legends. If Lowenna was the Mermaid that they heard singing, it may very well be true that they were lost at sea trying to find the one that sang so sweetly to them.

Lowenna would like to share her heart with you so that you may experience tranquility in your own surroundings.

The Heart of Lowenna is made from Ocean Jasper, the stone of tranquility. Copper wire cascades down the front of the stone in swirls and shapes of a heart. Ocean Jasper is thought to create good feelings and to relieve stress and worry. Ocean Jasper can encourage feelings of joy and elevate your good spirits. The Heart of Lowenna was created to celebrate this stone and its properties as a stone of tranquility.

The Heart of Alanna

Hearts of the Realm 7

Alanna, a Sprite, sits on the branch of an Aspen tree. She watches as the animals of the forest forage for food below her. She notices the deer as it stops for a moment to raise its head and listen for sounds in the distance. She witnesses the bee as it buzzes out from its nest, creating the perfect sound with its humming wings. She spots the hummingbird as it stops in midair and flutters its wings faster than one could ever imagine. She catches a glimpse of the fox as it darts into the thicket without so much as a sound. She need only listen to hear the water from the stream in the distance cascading over the rocks, creating its own perfect rhythm. 

Alanna feels the harmony in all things. She senses the balance between the Earth and the Sky. She sees the need for one thing for the existence of another. Alanna lives in harmony with the other animals that reside here. One is not put above another. They all have a purpose. They all have a place among Nature. Harmony abounds in these places with such peace. 

Alanna would like to share her heart with you so that, you too, may experience the wonder of harmony.

The Heart of Alanna is made from Unakite, the stone of harmony. Copper wire drifts across the surface of the stone in its own rhythmic pattern. Unakite promotes strong, harmonious relationships. It is thought to lift one’s spirits when they are feeling down. It helps to release deep-seated emotions in a slow and gentle way. Unakite is thought to promote patience. 

The Heart of Ashnah

Hearts of the Realm 8

Ashnah is excited! Today is a new day and she can’t wait to see what is in store for her. She jumps up from her bed in the leaves, careful not to upset Gilly, her giant pet snail, sleeping soundly beside her. The leaf that she uses for her cover falls away. 

Ashnah glides across the dew covered moss at her feet and kneels next to the pond. She glares into the water before her only to see her tiny pixie face staring back at her. She stands and reaches for her smock made of daisies and slips it over her head and down her body. 

Ashnah is cautious not to catch her delicate wings in the petals of her dress. Once she is ready, she moves to where Gilly is still groggy from sleep. She asks if she may step onto his back, and permission is granted. 

The two bolt through the thicket into the meadow beyond. Ashnah sees the leaves of the trees turning from green to auburn. She feels the sun, not as hot as it was the day before. She sees the rabbit, a little bigger and lither now, his feet and legs stronger and faster. She watches him as he makes his way to the last few blades of green grass that he gobbles down, hurriedly. 

Summer is giving way to fall. This brings a feeling of wonder and excitement to Ashnah, as it does every year. Ashnah is a sucker for change. She loves change of all kinds; the seasons, shifts in the streams and gullies, the heat from the sun. These are all things that she drinks in and relishes. 

Change is the thing that Ashnah loves the most and she looks at every new day as something to savor. She stands next to Gilly, leans forward and whispers in his ear, ever so quietly, “Isn’t it just marvelous, Gilly?” she asks. 

Ashnah would like to share her heart with you so that, you too, can delight in change.

The Heart of Ashnah is made from Mookaite, the stone of change. Copper wire decorates the front of the stone giving it a nice finished look. Mookaite is an Australian jasper that combines the lighter colors of yellow and red jasper. It encourages the desire for new experiences and helps to keep a balance between external activities and the internal response to these. It imparts a deep calm while encouraging versatility.

The Heart of Valmaris

Hearts of the Realm 9

The Merman, Vilmaris takes his trident in his hand. He spins in the water, his tail swirling briskly around behind him. Timmy, the little puffer fish that Vilmaris has protected from the time of his birth, swims directly into the wave that Vilmaris has created with his strong tail and does a complete roll. When he comes to be right side up again, Timmy laughs and laughs. 

Valmaris has protected this little fish all his life. When Timmy was no more than an inch long he became separated from his parents and was lost at sea. Valmaris found him lying on the sea floor, exhausted and almost dead from swimming so hard to try to find his mom and dad. Valmaris has been his protector since that fateful day and he could not think of anything he would rather do.

Timmy swims up to Valmaris, “Can I do it again? It was so fun!” he exclaims. Valmaris winks at the little puffer fish and takes off swimming as fast as he can and then turns and heads back toward Timmy. Abruptly, Valmaris turns in the water and creates a huge wave. Timmy swims directly into the wave and does two complete rolls this time. 

When he comes to be right side up again, Timmy laughs once more. Once he has had enough, he swims next to Valmaris’s ear and whispers, ever so sweetly, “I love you, Valmaris. Thanks for saving me.”

Valmaris would like to share his heart with you so that, you too, may experience the feeling of protecting something as fiercely as he.

The Heart of Valmaris is made from Labradorite, the most powerful protector in the mineral kingdom. Sterling Silver wire is intricately placed around the edge of this stone making it very special.

Lore of the Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite’s mystical light separates the waking world from unseen realms. It is, in every sense, a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world, and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.

The Heart of Aislen

Hearts of the Realm 10

Aislen hears her husband, the King, enter the room. She can tell that he is upset. “Has he been crying?” she wonders. She waits in the darkness to see what he will do next. Her husband moves to the bed and kneels down next to where she had been sleeping. He rests his head on her arm and declares, “I have something to tell you,” he begins.

Sobbingly, the King tells Aislen that he has lost the ring that she had given to him on their wedding day; the ring that he wore with pride, the ring that connected them eternally. He was very sad and in much agony over the ring. 

He told Aislen that he had been outside speaking to one of his men when one of their beloved dogs jumped up to greet him. The dog caught its claw in the ring, and the cold weather had made the King’s fingers shrink. The ring came off when the dog dropped back to the ground. The King had been out in the cold for hours looking for the ring but he could not find it. It was lost in the snow and he feared it was gone forever. 

Aislen lay silent as the King finished his story. He then rose from the floor where he had been kneeling and made his way to the great hall of the castle. As Aislen lay in the bed thinking about what had happened to the King and his ring, a vision came to her. She could see a single blade of brown grass sticking up through the snow. She could see a perfect circle in the snow where the ring had landed and fallen through the snow to the earth below. 

Aislen rose from her bed, put on her robes and her slippers, and then made her way through the great hall and out the door of the castle. The King followed her and watched as she gracefully strolled across the courtyard and bent down. 

When she rose, she was holding the King’s ring between her fingers to show him. 

She walked back to him and placed the ring in the palm of his hand and closed his fingers around it. As she raised her head up to stare into his lovely brown eyes, still wet from tears, she asked him, “Can we now go back to bed?” Her husband bent and kissed her as the tears subsided and a smile came to his lips. He slipped the ring back onto its rightful finger, took Aislen’s hand, and moved back into the warmth of the castle.

 Aislen would like to share her heart with you so that, you too, may experience vision with such clarity.

The Heart of Aislen is made from Tiger’s Eye, the stone of vision. Copper wire is wrapped across the front of the stone in such a way that it resembles a heart. Tiger’s Eye is thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision, and was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined.  Linked to the magical tiger, the king of beasts in Eastern mythology, Tiger’s Eye portrayed courage, integrity and right use of power. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s resources and reflecting back malice or threats from others.

The Heart of Bricen

Hearts of the Realm 11

Bricen stands at the foot of the mountain. He has already climbed it more times than he can remember. The first time he did it was when he was three, just a wee Giant. Even back then, he scrambled up the face of the mountain with ease. Here he stands again, waiting for the horn to blow. The Olympic Races for the Fastest Giant are about to begin.

The other Giants feel like just giving up. They have seen the way Bricen climbs, and they are sure he will be the winner once more.

 The horn blows and they are off! Bricen is the first to start moving through the trees. His agile legs jump the gullies and the rivers with sheer artistry. He glides through the brambles and bushes with an agility that is second to none.

Bricen comes to a deep ravine, even for a Giant. When he goes to jump it, he does not clear it but rather hits the bank on the other side. He twists his ankle badly. Writhing in agony, Bricen watches as he is overtaken by many of the other Giants in the race. He is limping and is not sure if he should continue. Bricen tests his ankle and finds that it is sore but it is just sprained. He decides not to give up. He wants to finish the race no matter where he places.

Bricen hobbles his way through the valleys and crevices. When he comes to the rock face of the steep mountain, he grabs on with both hands and pulls himself up, rock by rock, careful not to fall. It takes time, as he is using his arms rather than his legs, something that he is not accustomed to.

Bricen continues to climb, little by little. He can see the top of the mountain now, where all of the other Giants have gathered to root for him. When they passed him below, they had no idea how badly his ankle was hurt. They were still pretty sure he was going to shake it off and win by a landslide.

As Bricen topped the last bit of the mountain, one of the other Giants came forth and allowed Bricen to lean on him. They walked together to the finish line and Bricen crossed. He did not give up. He did not give in. The legend of the Climb of Bricen would be told long after the race ended. 

Bricen would like to share his heart with you so that, you too, can experience what it is like to have unwavering ambition.

The Heart of Bricen is made from Goldstone, the stone of ambition. Copper wire is wrapped across the front of the stone in a style that is sure to please. Known as the Stone of Ambition, Goldstone can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination. No goal is too big or too small with Goldstone. When you decide you want to achieve something, the energy from Goldstone will work with you to make it happen.

The Heart of Fayanna

Hearts of the Realm 12

Fayanna stands bent over the table with her hands on either side of the map. She is determined to stand her ground on this one. She looks up into the sea of faces before her~ all older, all stronger, and all more seasoned than she. 

“How can you be so sure?” she hears a husky voice ask. She stares into his grizzled face, not wavering an ounce. “I know because I can feel it,” Fayanna responds, as she rises and moves to stand before the men. She is younger, she is smaller, and she is female. All of this has been true since she first stepped aboard the Plundering Serpent with them 6 months ago. Nothing has changed but she has always been right. They had to admit that, if only to themselves. 

Fayanna takes the map from the table, rolls it up, and holds it before her. “It is there, I know it!” she tells them, shaking the rolled up map in the faces before her. She tries to sound as convincing as she possibly can. 

This group of ruffian pirates have searched and searched for the treasure, with no luck. They have held back in telling Fayanna about the treasure in hopes that they would find it first. She has only been a party on the Plundering Serpent for a short time, and though she has shown them that she is just as much a pirate as they are, they still don’t trust her. On this day, they decided to bring her into the fold. They were having no luck without her, so maybe their luck would change with her. 

One of the older pirates steps forward, “She has never been wrong,” he declares, taking the map from Fayanna and giving her a sideways, fatherly wink. What is the harm in looking? “Let’s go see if she is right this time as well!” he barks, as he takes Fayanna under his arm and turns and heads for the door. 

The ruffian pulls open the great wooden door and a waft of sea air hits Fayanna in the face. This lends to her determination as she moves through the opening. The rest of the pirates follow the two down the shore to the waiting ship, sails billowing. “Ahoy, Maties!” the old pirate hollers, as he steps on to the gangplank with Fayanna at his side. She is, in his eyes, his own daughter and he could not be prouder.

Fayanna would like to share her heart with you so that, you too, can feel confident in the throes of overwhelming doubt.

The Heart of Fayanna is made from Mookaite, the stone of confidence. Waves of copper wire move across its surface giving it an edgy look. Mookaite is thought to increase self-confidence, self-worth, and can help one to realize one’s full potential. Mookaite promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences, and awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take.

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